We carry the UK’s largest stock of

Recasens fabric and Dickson fabric.

Our fabrics is ideal for outdoor use on; awnings, canopies, parasols and umbrellas, shade sails, cafe barriers banners, waiter stations and protective covers.

Working with some of the UK's most popular brands

Recasens RECacril® Fabric

RECacril® Marine fabrics are designed for use outdoors. RECacril® fabrics are made from solution dyed acrylic
fibres, which gives them an exceptional colour resistance to high salinity environments.

Recasens Fabric Information

Recasens fabrics, Technical Textiles, are fabrics easy to maintain. The fabric surface is non-porous plastic, making it difficult for dirt to adhere but easy to remove. Dirt accumulation can end up damaging the PVC canvas finish, causing accelerated deterioration. It is recommended to periodically clean the canvas to prevent rot and mold growth.

For effective cleaning, sponge out using soapy water and then rinse with clean water. Let dry the fabric positioned in a perfect tension. We recommend using neutral (non-ionic) and a low percentage of alcohol detergents. Avoid using highly acidic or highly alkaline detergents and do not use solvents or bleaching agents such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

To avoid damaging the canvas finish, do not use chemicals or abrasive brushes or cleaning systems using water jets at high pressure.

Download Recasens fabric information sheet

Dickson Fabric

At Central Awnings we pride ourselves on quality therefore using the World’s biggest and best, Dickson Fabric, for our awnings and canopies seemed to make sense.

Dickson fabrics are waterproof, provide up to 100% UV protection, are durable, flexible and hard wearing, printable or can be signwritten, and come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. We design, measure, cut and stitch Dickson acrylic canvas for made to measure orders. Fabrics are also used to cover and recover parasols, umbrellas, cafe barriers, waiter stations, BBQ covers, banners.

Fire Range

Quality control is an integral part of the business. Each square meter of fabric used in our factory is checked before, during and after manufacture. Thanks to the tough standards that Dickson set for themselves we can offer a guarantee on all of their products for up to 10 years.

Sun Range

The high-performance fibres, treatments and weaving processes, most of which are conducted internally, distinguish the Dickson quality from that of all other fabrics on the market today. This technological superiority enables Dickson to guarantee the colourfastness and rot proofing of some of its fabrics for up to ten years.

Stone Range

Increasingly high-tech solutions combined with unparalleled aesthetics have become the company’s signature. The array of colours and patterns is broader than ever before to meet the demands of today’s decorating, design and architecture professionals as well as industrialists and business owners.

Azur Range

Fabrics that are thermo-regulating, self-cleaning, provide effective solar protection, and soon energy-generating (photovoltaic): the products developed by Dickson are designed to be eco-friendly and to improve people’s living environments. They fit seamlessly into the new generation building standards, HQE and BBC.

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