Shop Front Shutters

With the growing rate of vandalism and burglaries, many retail businesses suffer a substantial burden.  Security shopfront roller shutters offer a more effective protection balancing demands of security and stylish appearance.  A full range is available: galvanised steel, galvanised perforated steel and aluminium punched slotted.

Security Shutters

Security shutters are suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications including private housing, schools, hospitals, shops and various other applications.  Our range of shutters are available in a range of styles, materials and finishes. Recommended security shutters will be dependent on the application and level of security required.

Car Park Shutters

Car park shutters are usually constructed from either punched, perforated or tube and link style laths. In aluminium or galvanised steel. As most applications need ventilation these profiles are ideal.

Counter & Bar Shutters

Counter and Bar shutters can be constructed in various materials ranging from steel, aluminium and nylon depending on application and style required. Available with electric and manual push pull.

Bespoke Application

With over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing, design and installation of roller shutters. From horizontal operating, all types of cabinet shutters where space saving is needed, to large openings in hostile environments.

Fast Action/Rapid Rollers

Designed for industrial and commercial use, out high-speed door is ideal as an effective environmental barrier, reducing energy costs whilst providing excellent traffic throughput to cold stores, forklift truck access and other vehicles access point.

Steel Doors

Rhome fire and non-fire rated steel doors for internal and external applications. Combining strength with elegance, durability and cost. It is proven that a wide variety of building where safety, security and aesthetics can not be met with traditional timber doors.

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